Gross Power

Maximum slope

Power Train
Travel speed forward
Travel speed reverse

Refill capacities
Fuel Tank

Boom reach/horizontal
Seating capacity

CAT3044C DIT (Caterpillar diesel)
82 hp

3:1= 33% = 18.4 degrees

7 mph
7 mph

25.1 gal

13’ 10”

NIJ level III/IV
Juggernaut Specifications
If your tactical team is approaching a structure, standing on a porch or performing functions necessary to resolve a tactical incident……you are exposed and vulnerable to the suspect’s willingness to engage you. Tactical teams often cover windows and doors while in these positions but can’t cover themselves completely due to angles, depth, lighting conditions and reflection.
The suspect may even choose to engage a team through closed doors and walls. Marksmen are also limited in their ability to cover the team due to these same conditions and are often masked by the entry team.

Imagine your next barricade…..the suspect is armed with a weapon, has barricaded the front and back doors while making threats to shoot any police officers that approach. Instead of being held at a distance for hours giving the suspect time to plan and prepare, you have just purchased the Juggernaut. You breach the living room window and deliver a throw phone. While you're there, use the infra red camera to gather intel on the interior floor plan and suspect location. After initial negotiations fail, you can take away his feeling of security and breach the front and back door. If they’re booby trapped you can tear a section of wall out beneath the living room window or rip a new opening at any location you choose. There goes that sense of security! Next you can breach the windows and view each room with the infra red camera, including second story rooms. You can rip a hole in the peak of the attic and clear it without having to push a team member through a closet access door. If these actions haven’t facilitated surrender, use the “hot box” and safely deliver pyrotechnic chemical agents……the whole time your team has been protected by armor.

The Juggernaut can be deployed in the following applications:

Boom reach/horizontal               
Seating capacity                         
Travel speed                              


13’ 10”
7 mph

NIJ level III/IV
If you have left a position of cover to perform those functions necessary to resolve a tactical incident, you are exposed to multiple threats.  Don't let the suspect take advantage of those opportunities.  Protect your team with the JUGGERNAUT!
Current SOP
Fortified Doors
and Barricades
Booby Traps
Chemical Agent
Explosive Entry
Throw Phone Insertion
Manual breaching with rams, halligans or pull hooks. Team members are exposed to multiple threat angles and spend extended periods of time in fatal funnels.
Breach any door, window or wall while being completely protected by armor. Not forced to select entry points familiar or prepared by the suspect.
Allow suspects to stop or delay a tactical team while alternate entry points are considered. This allows the suspect time to plan, further fortify his location or kill hostages without the team being able to quickly and effectively enter.
Can quickly deploy to breach new openings in any wall putting the team in control of multiple entry points and in a position to save lives.
Team is limited to accuracy and capability of launching device which only disperses small amounts of chemical agent. Placement of a "Hot Box" to insert pyrotechnic chemical agents require an approach on foot and manual breach.
Able to insert pyrotechnic chemical agent at any location including attic spaces. Not limited to existing openings. Can insert larger and more effective quanities by utilizing specially designed "Hot Box" attached to the boom arm.
Requires extensive training. Time consuming process of calling bomb techs, building the charge and rehearsal. Dangerous for team members, innocents and suspects. High Liability!
Rapid deployment requiring only basic entry techniques. No hazards created for team members by building and setting charges.Safer for innocents and suspects. Can create multiple entry points to confuse and overwhelm the suspect.  Easy approval from commanders due to
Low Liability.
Requires team to approach location on foot utilizing hand carried shields which provide limited protection. Team members are exposed to side and upper level threats while approaching, breaching, placing the phone and egressing.
Can safely approach protected by armor and not directed into routes familiar to the suspect. Insert communication devices where needed. Start negotiations quicker.
Limited intelligence of the crisis site's interior including suspect location and condition, movement, barricades, booby traps and floor plan.
Team is protected by armor while creating holes in the roof or peaks to view inside attics. Use the infra red camera to search inside the structure including second story rooms and rooms without existing openings.
Limited Information
Teams are routinely held at a distance by a single barricaded suspect who may or may not be armed. Callouts can last several hours and thousands of dollars are spent while traditional armor stays parked in the street and does little to facilitate surrender.
Puts the team and commanders in control of the crisis site by utilizing the many tools, protection and versatility the Juggernaut offers. The Juggernaut provides new options not available with traditional armor.
Expensive Callouts
Juggernaut Solutions
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Dynamic warrant service
  • Barricaded subjects
  • Bus assaults
  • Riot control
  • EOD
  • Vehicle disabling or removal
  • Receive hostages
  • Evacuate innocents
  • Breach fortified or barricaded doors
  • Rip new openings in solid walls
  • View inside buildings, attics and second stories with an infra red camera
  • Insert chemical agents
  • Deliver communications equipment
  • Access confined areas between structures
  • Operate inside structures and hallways
  • Onsite transport
  • Negotiations and announcements with the PA system
  • Overwhelming presence.
  • Second story entries without climbing over window sills.

How many different ways can your team deploy a piece of equipment with this type of capability? TACARM believes the Juggernaut significantly changes the tactical industry. It puts commanders and team leaders in control of the crisis site