Tactical personnel have to leave their armored protection to evacuate neighbors, deliver commun-ications equipment, break and rake windows, employ breach and delay tactics, insert pyrotechnic chemical agents or set pull hooks.
The Juggernaut solves these problems and closes the gap between the street and the structure. That is the area where tactical teams are exposed to multiple threat angles and need the most protection. Portable shields generally protect one operator from one angle and only from handguns. Other team members are left vulnerable during the approach or grouped together on the porch trapped in a fatal funnel, manually breaching doors and windows.
The concept of the Juggernaut was conceived by Steve Reopelle, former President of the Washington Tactical Officers Association and SWAT Team Leader. He consulted with tactical officers throughout the country to develop a product that would provide effective armor and give teams the protection and tools they need to safely resolve a tactical incident. Steve partnered with Don Wilde and Eric Hamilton to utilize their combined 31 years of business experience in fabrication and manufacturing.
We look forward to hearing from you and discussing this exciting new product. We have listed several ways the Juggernaut can be deployed on this website. TACARM firmly believes that each team will find several more useful ways to utilize the Juggernaut.
TACARM has dedicated itself to providing armor that matters, armor that is effective and armor that gets the job done. The Juggernaut is truly a revolution!
TACARM was founded on the belief that tactical teams need better protection while working inside the perimeter. Traditional armored vehicles are designed primarily for transport. However, SWAT teams do not encounter gunfire while transporting from the police station to the crisis site. Because of their large size and limited capabilities they are typically assigned a perimeter parking spot.